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I hate labels.
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If you hate labels, this community is for you. We strongly encourage everyone to be themselves by dressing how they like, listening to what they please, and sharing their likes and dislikes without fear of being labeled.

- The most obvious one would be, under no circumstances, putting labels on people is not allowed in this community. If we find any labeling, we will ban you from this community and you will no longer be allowed to post in it.
- Please stay on topic. No one really wants to hear how Sparky got hit by a mail truck.
- We are all different, hence the reason why we dislike labeling. If someone joins that you aren't exactly "friendly" with, save your rude comments for somewhere else. This community is to unite everyone, not start fighting. Please take your immaturity elsewhere.
- Tell your friends about this community. The more people, the more fun!
- Overall, have fun with it. Write how much you hate labeling, if someone labeled you, anything to do with labels!

This community is run by barbells + ash32. We hope you enjoy it!